Sigra is recognised internationally as a world leader in the assessment and extraction design of coal seam gas for coal mining and commercial extraction. This knowledge extends into shale gas, hard rock mining and civil engineering. Sigra provides a broad spectrum of services to enable our clients to make the economic and engineering decisions to access their reserves.

Total Solutions

Sigra’s skill base covers the full spectrum of engineering disciplines and geology to enable us to deal with matters related to the ground. Our staff comprises mining, petroleum, civil, geotechnical, chemical, electrical, electronic, mechanical and computing engineers, supported by mathematicians. We have our own workshops for instrumentation, fabrication and machining. We can therefore build and test solutions or their components, not just imagine them.

This skill base ensures that Sigra can provide the engineering solutions to any problems facing the extractive energy industry, from measurement to design to bespoke manufacture. Sigra is here to service the industry.

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Geological Services

A sound knowledge of the geology of each of the projects we are involved in is the key our being able to work with the ground. From this base, we can devise the appropriate tests and interpret them so as to arrive at the best possible solutions for our clients.

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Mine Design

The end result of detailed measurement and analysis is the formulation of an economic mine plan.
Sigra’s experienced engineers and scientists make this possible, from concept to final design. For coal mines this includes gas drainage and ventilation, in addition to mine layout and geomechanics.

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Reservoir Characterisation

Sigra’s skill in reservoir characterisation capability extends from coal seam gas, to other unconventional reservoirs to aquifers. We have a combination of long established and unique technologies to determine reservoir behaviour. We know the key parameters that need to be determined for each reservoir and have the tools to determine them, whether for the gas or the mining industry.

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Sigra has the geomechanics knowledge and technology to deal with the requirements of the mining, civil and petroleum industries. We have a suite of stress, stress change and pore pressure measurement systems. These are augmented by a rock mechanics laboratory and software to analyse, design and predict. We are equally capable of dealing with a mine shaft at 500 m or borehole stability issues at 5000 m.

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Drilling and Completion

Sigra’s repertoire includes the design of exploration, production and directional boreholes. We have a longstanding practical knowledge of drilling, supported by mud and torque and drag models. We know drilling on surface or underground from a mine. We also have the laboratory equipment to determine mud rheology and filtration characteristics. Our manufacturing side builds blowout preventers and managed pressure drilling equipment. We have also produced bespoke designs that have enabled drilling in geothermal areas of mines that would not have been otherwise possible.

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Global Data Acquisition

The immediacy of reviewing managed data from an iPhone, iPad or laptop must be complemented with access to the raw data for future analytical work.  Sigra’s integrated, secure, web-based data access system provides both options.  The system uses existing mobile telephone network infrastructure supported by our field data acquisition systems.

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Reserves Estimation

Sigra provides a reserves estimation service for coal seam gas (CBM) according to SPE PRMS, and for coal mining to JORC standards.

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