Cementing – Grouting

Cementing Equipment

Sigra have their own cementing equipment which is regularly used for transducer installation in boreholes and may be used to cement casing in place.

The larger pumping unit comprises a colloidal mixer, an agitator tank and twin duplex pumps each capable of 150 litres/minute (0.95 bbl/min) at 8.2 MPa (1200 psi) pressure.

The smaller pumping units are suitable for smaller jobs and even underground use.

Cement Grouts

The company has also developed its own range of cementitious grouts based on Portland cements. Sigra can control the density, set time and viscosity of its various mixtures. It even has grouts with post initial set expansion behaviours to lock stress change cells into a borehole or to ensure that watertight seals are formed around casing.