Sigra is a privately held company that supplies services and products in the field: Coal Seam Methane CBM, Shale Gas, groundwater, mining, civil engineering and drilling.

Director Sigra Dr. Ian Gray recently took part in the international conference Eurock 2018 in St. Petersburg (Russia), organized by the International Society for the Mechanics of Rocks (ISRM). This is the main European conference on rock mechanics in the current year. Subjects of the conference included the questions of geomechanics and geodynamics of the rock massif.

Sigra Eurock 2018A keynote address by Dr. Gray was called “Anisotropic and non-linear properties of rocks and liquids under pressure.” The results of the experimental work carried out by Sigra to determine the true rock properties were presented. This work is of considerable interest to all those involved in the practical design of engineering work in the rock massif, as well as for those who conduct similar studies.

Dr. Ian Gray also conducted a one-day course on “Mechanics of rocks in construction, mining and oil production”. The course materials are available for downloading in Russian and English via the link —-
Sigra thanks the organizers of the conference for the opportunity to receive another recognition at such a high international forum and expresses gratitude to the translators Nadezhda Nikitina and Yuliya Shelukhina. We are also grateful to those who showed interest and talked with Dr. Gray, shared his professional opinion, his knowledge and expressed his readiness for cooperation.

Author: Ian Gray
Ian initially worked in Australia supervising the installation of the first gas drainage system at Central Colliery and then went on to work as Senior Geotechnical engineer building a mining wing to the consulting company DJ Douglas and Partners. In 1990 he became Principal Engineer, Mining Research with the Safety In Mines Testing and Resarch Station of the Department of Resource Industries of the Queensland Government. In this role he worked on frictional ignitions, mine explosions, windblasts, gas drainage and directional drilling including the first surface to in-seam operation in the country in 1991. In 1994 he started Sigra as a one man business. Since then the company has grown under his guidance to span mining, gas, civil, geotechnical work and a number of mechanical and electronic product developments.

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