Sigra uses its geomechanical expertise in a variety of fields including

  • Petroleum – borehole stability, hydrofracture design
  • Underground mining – mine openings, shafts
  • Surface excavation –  cut slopes, excavations

Stress Measurement

Sigra undertakes rock stress measurement in boreholes using its IST overcore system which is suitable for holes up to 2000 m depth.

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Load & Movement Monitoring

Sigra provides a comprehensive service for monitoring the movement of the ground. It comprises the installation of easy to read manual devices as well as electronic equipment which ideally integrates with our field data acquisition systems.

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Rock Properties

Sigra has a number of laboratory procedures for determining rock properties. Their selection depends on the information that is required.

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Stress distribution through strata, regional stress distributions, stress path with fluid removal, borehole stress, slope stability and excavation modelling

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