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From initial geology studies to final design, we offer an integrated approach, backed by innovative tools and technology. We serve various industries, including mining and clean energy, and our reach is global, with projects in 15 countries. Choose Sigra for a seamless, tech-savvy experience that gets you the right answers, every time.

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What has happened in 30 years

Ian Gray started work at his new company, Sigra Pty Ltd, in 1994. Throughout much of its existence Sigra has had a background of the coal industry of Queensland, and overseas.

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What is Sigra?

Providing solutions in the ground

Sigra provides services and equipment for the exploration, investigation and design of mines, structures in the ground, excavations and the extraction of groundwater and petroleum fluids. It provides an integrated service extending from geology and geophysics to measurement during drilling programmes, laboratory testing and final designs. To do this Sigra has developed a number of systems and items of equipment and techniques to do the job better through our ongoing research and development programmes. This development includes downhole tools, drilling equipment, logging systems, our gas and rock laboratories and software. This combination is unique and valuable in getting the right information and the right answer to our clients.

Sigra operates in the civil, hard and soft rock mining, and shallow petroleum industries, particularly coal seam gas. As part of the move to clean energy it is now involved in underground hydrogen storage. Sigra operates internationally and has undertaken projects in 15 countries.

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Total Solutions

For over 25 years, Sigra has found solutions to problems associated with the ground in the fields of mining, civil and petroleum engineering. Sigra’s wide range of unique equipment and techniques are able to solve difficult problems which cannot be solved using conventional methods. Clients across disciplines as diverse as major mining and petroleum companies, public transport and power groups have benefitted from Sigra’s multi-disciplinary approach and ability to conceive and physically build solutions.

What We Provide

Our Services

Sigra provides a wide range of services covering the measurement of rock, soil and ground fluid behaviour. Sigra can tailor these to suit the needs of a specific project.

What We Offer

Our Range of Products

Sigra manufactures and supplies a range of products that are used in exploration, drilling and completion, and production. This is augmented by a range of electronics to measure, gather and transmit information from the field.

Sigra sells and in some cases hires out this equipment.

Cyclonic Separator
Cyclonic Separators

Sigra can supply cyclonic gas-liquid separators that are capable of handling particulate matter in the liquid stream.

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In-well Fines Separators

Many wells produce coal fines or sand during their life.

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Managed Pressure Drilling Systems

This was built to control the pressure in boreholes being drilled from underground into gassy coal seams.

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Well Control Systems

Sigra manufactures 101 mm and 127 mm bore annular blowout preventers, chokes and wireline strippers.

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Packer Systems

Sigra manufactures packer test systems to perform water injection tests on the ground through HQ sized drill strings.

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Triaxial Test Systems

These are designed to measure the elastic behaviour of rocks by testing in multiple combinations of loading up to 35 MPa.


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About Us

Guiding Principles

Sigra’s guiding principle is to provide the best solutions possible to its clients. The solution must be feasible, sustainable, appropriate and economically sound.

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