Meeting Sigra in 2022

Sigra has a number of conference appearances scheduled for 2022, both in Australia and internationally. Date Venue Appearance 10 to 11 February Resource Operators Conference, Queensland, Australia On line 27 February to 2 March SME Annual Conference and Expo, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. At Agapito booth 28 to 30 March Bowen Basin Symposium, Mackay, 

Recent & Forthcoming Publications

Gray I and Gibbons T R (2020). Longwall Behaviour in Massive Strata. Proceedings of the 20th Coal Operators’ Conference, Mining Engineering, University of Wollongong. Gray I (2020). Directional Drilling for Tunnel Investigation and Associated Testing Techniques. ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress, WTC2020 and 46th General Assembly Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia 15-21 May 2020. Gray I,

Core Ovality – A Stress Difference Indicator

Sigra have been measuring stress in rock for a long time. First by its two dimensional overcore system (IST2D) which commenced use in 1996. Sigra has also conducted hydrofracture and hydrojacking tests to measure stress. More recently it has developed a three dimensional stress measurement overcore system (IST3D) suitable for use at depth in a

Sigra South Africa Showcases Innovation at Deep Mining 2019 Conference

The Sigra South Africa team was able to meet with some of the top experts in the region at the Deep Mining 2019 Conference and South African Rock Engineering Symposium last week.  The conference covered a range of rock engineering and geotechnical challenges facing the industry. It also gave Sigra the opportunity to showcase everything

Sigra Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation and Pushing Boundaries

April marks Sigra’s 25th year of continued operation throughout Australia and across the globe. On April 1st 1994, Dr. Ian Gray founded Sigra as a one-man engineering consultancy. 25 Years on, Dr. Gray continues to lead the company which has grown into a multifaceted, well trusted organisation with offices in Australia and South Africa that

Sigra Committing to Servicing Southern Africa

Sigra is now operating in Southern Africa in the coal, diamond, CSG and petroleum sectors and expects to be involved in large civil engineering projects by early in 2020. Sigra has established Sigra South Africa (Pty) Ltd based in Johannesburg with operations in different industries servicing the Southern Africa region. These developments follow an increasing demand

Sigra at Coal 2019 in Woolongong

Tim Harvey and Tim Gibbons will attend the conference Coal 2019 at the University of Wollongong on Tuesday and Wednesday 18 and 19 February. Directly after lunch on Wednesday Tim Harvey will present the paper ‘Flow Measurement in Gas Drainage’. This will present an improved option to measure gas flows and the use of these

Sigra Visits Melbourne for the ATS Short Course and Presents at AusRock 2018 in Sydney

In November two of our Sigra engineers attended the three day short course in tunnel design and construction held by the Australian Tunnelling Society. The short course gave a fantastic overview of tunnel design and construction and attracted a plethora of engineers, suppliers and students from across the industry. The mix of delegates resulted a

Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition

Sigra might be busy but we still want to meet you! The final quarter of the year is looking exciting for the Sigra team with field work in the pipeline and three major conferences to attend as well. Sigra will be turning its sights to the Oil and Gas industry exhibiting a booth at the

Sigra’s Advanced Field Services and Analysis

Piezometer Installations and Pulsed Drill Stem Testing (DST) Services Central Queensland and the Hunter Valley coal mining regions have proven to be ideal locations for Sigra’s multiple piezometer installation and pulsed DST field services in 2018. Sigra field engineering crews spent time earlier this year in some of Australia’s most resourceful coal mining regions conducting

Sigra Presents at EUROCK 2018

Sigra Visits St. Petersburg for the Eurock 2018 Symposium and Presents Keynote Address and Day Course in Rock Mechanics Sigra’s Managing Director, Dr Ian Gray, recently attended the International Society of Rock Mechanics symposium, Eurock 2018, in St. Petersburg, Russia. This is the main European rock mechanics conference for the year. The themes of the

Rocks and Properties Thereof: Sigra at the 2017 ATS Conference

‘Rocks may not have feelings, but they do have complex characters.’ Sigra had a productive and illuminating three days at the Australasian Tunnelling Society Conference, which took place from October 30th to November 1st. Australian and international luminaries, tunnelling professionals, government representatives, consultants and academics converged in Sydney for three days of exhibits, keynote presentations,

2017 Australasian Tunnelling Society Conference — 30/10 – 01/11

Sigra is very much looking forward to attending the Australasian Tunnelling Society Conference in Sydney at the end of this month. Industry luminaries, tunnelling professionals, government representatives, consultants and academics will converge in Sydney for three days of exhibits, keynote presentations, peer reviewed papers, and networking opportunities. How to find us: You will be able

Gas For The Future 2017

Sigra’s attendance at last week’s Gas for the Future 2017 conference, hosted by PESA Qld, was a great success. The conference consisted of a week-long series of events serving to highlight the importance of gas to the Australian and Asia-Pacific regions, bringing together perspectives from academic, commercial, and technical disciplines. We enjoyed the opportunity to

Developing Potential Coal Seam Gas Reserves

Do you have a potential coal seam gas reserve and want to develop it? There have been successes and failures in the coal seam gas (CBM) and coal mine gas (CMM) businesses, however many of the failures would have been avoidable with suitable attention to detail. Indeed, the successes have generally followed a diligent approach. 

World Tunnel Congress 2017 – Bergen

Our attendance at the 2017 World Tunnel Congress in Bergen last month was a great success. New partnerships, new markets, and great exposure. We got some great exposure to civil engineering and tunnelling markets—as well as the key people in those markets—both in Europe and internationally. We were quite impressed by some of the new

Managed Pressure Drilling — Why Custom Design Matters

The exact type of managed pressure drilling equipment is dependent on the project—this is where Sigra’s bespoke design and manufacture comes into play. The managed pressure drilling technique is used to enable drilling to be undertaken from below the water table. It is used to control the ingress of groundwater and fines into a borehole

Stress In Rock

The engineering profession needs to measure stress in rock for the purposes of design or for the confirmation of stresses during or following construction. The question is, what stress matters? In the past the only stress that could be measured was that near an opening and indeed it is frequently the only stress that is

Getting to the heart of Real Rock Properties

The models and methodologies for determining rock properties and predicting rock behaviour are numerous, but are they all equally effective? Designing tunnels, mines or rock slopes requires a model with which to predict their behaviour so that failure may be avoided. Failure may be defined in all cases as unacceptable deformation, but what defines acceptable

Permeability testing in civil and mining applications – What to look out for

With better-tailored equipment and a revised methodology for shallow permeability testing in civil  and mining projects, we can reduce the margin for design error. Owing to the constraints of time and money, the two most widely used methods for permeability testing in civil and mining —The Falling Head Test and the Packer Test—have numerous pitfalls

Towards a technology for permeability testing in civil projects

We have found that the equipment and methodology being employed for permeability testing in shallow wells to be, if not inadequate, at the very least misapplied. We propose a cross-disciplinary approach — involving new technology and the application thereof — to meet the requirements of shallow permeability testing. Permeability measurement is important because it is part of the prediction

Balanced Pressure Drilling System deployed at Liang Tang Tunnel Project

Background The Liang Tang tunnel project comprises a dual, two lane road tunnel linking the Sha Tau Kok Road and Fanling Highway interchanges in Hong Kong.  The prime contractor is the Dragages Hong Kong – Bouygues joint venture.  The 4.8 kilometre tunnel is through both soft soil and hard rock formations.  The northern 500 metres

Introducing Cement Displacement Technology

Sigra’s Cement Displacement Technology provides clinically accurate fluid pressure monitoring. Sound, validated data Ensures the borehole is fully grouted, to ensure: Gas and fluid emission is contained  

Field Data Logger & Controller-Top 5 Specs

Sigra’s broadly applicable Field Data Logger technology is ideal for monitoring landslide, ground anchor, stress change, aquifer pressure, petroleum reservoir monitoring, and much more.      1. Plenty of Storage The Sigra Data Logger V9 comes with a 4 GB micro-SD card built-in to permit lifetime storage. 2. Improved Resolution By storing the records in

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