Sigra employs people from diverse professions, backgrounds, disciplines, ethnicities and ages. We have:

  • chemical, civil, electronic, geotechnical, mechanical, mining, metallurgical and petroleum engineers,
  • geoscientists, hydrogeologists, mathematicians, computer programmers,
  • skilled tradespeople to manufacture mechanical and electronic items for a range of data acquisition, control systems and specialised drilling equipment,
  • laboratory staff skilled in rock mechanics and gas testing,
  • commercial skills.

We have a flat, multi-skilled organisational structure:

  • field,
  • laboratory,
  • analysis & reporting,
  • design & manufacturing,
  • mechanical & electronic workshops,
  • business development & administration.

Meet our team

Dr Ian Gray – Managing Director

PhD, MAppSc (Hydrology, Engineering Geology), BE (Civil), RPEQ

[email protected]

Ian founded Sigra as a one man business in 1994 – since then the company has grown under his guidance. Ian is a multidisciplinary engineer and inventor with a 45 year professional career spanning the civil, mining and petroleum industries across multiple continents, both in government research roles and industry roles. His expertise is broad and he has published over 80 papers and regularly shares findings distilled from Sigra’s research at professional institutions, industry conferences and universities. Ian holds multiple patents on such diverse topics as mining systems and gas-liquid separators.

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Jeff Wood – Principal Geologist

BSc (Geology)

[email protected]

Jeff has 50 years of experience in geology across base metals and coal. Before joining Sigra, Jeff held senior positions at Anglo American and BHP mining operations throughout Australia. Jeff specialises in exploration, mining geology, gas evaluation, gas production and wastewater disposal. He joined Sigra in July 2008 as a Principal Geologist and currently heads Sigra’s geological department, playing a major role in the development of Sigra’s laboratories and geological services.

Read Jeff’s CV here


Tim Gibbons – Principal Mining Engineer & Business Development Manager

BE (Mining), MBA, MAusIMM, 1st Class Coal Mine Managers Certificate of Competency, NSW & WA

[email protected]

Tim’s 45 years of experience is evenly split between mining operations, corporate business development and consulting.

In addition to a strong background at a senior level in all aspects of operations, Tim has been involved in both commercial and technical aspects of new mine development, from pre-feasibility studies to initial production. He has worked for owners, contractors and consultants and understands the issues of these groups working together. In 2018, Tim joined Sigra and has since undertaken a variety of technical and commercial assignments.

Read Tim’s CV here


Tim Harvey – Principal Engineer

Dip (Civil), Associate Dip (Mining)

[email protected]

Tim has 50 years of engineering experience, firstly as a Civil Engineer and then more substantially as a Mining Engineer. Tim has worked with Sigra since 2014 and has assisted with both practical and consulting engineering projects. Tim’s recent experience has been mainly associated with mine ventilation, gas management and spontaneous combustion control. He also has extensive experience in mine planning and scheduling, feasibility studies, economic modelling, budgeting and project management, mine drainage, shaft sinking and mining through difficult conditions.

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Brett Stewart – Projects Manager

BE (Mechanical)

[email protected]

Brett joined Sigra in 2006 as a mechanical engineer providing field services and mechanical engineering design. Since then, he has been integral in the continued improvement of Sigra’s field systems and operations. Brett has been involved in most of Sigra’s field operations since 2006 and specialises in co-ordinating and managing projects, liaising with stakeholders and providing solutions to complex issues in the fields.

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Darryl Smith – Senior Engineer

BE (Chemical)

[email protected]

Darryl joined Sigra in 2006, bringing over 10 years of experience as a chemical engineer with him. Darryl manages field projects while also playing a leading role in the development of Sigra’s laboratories. His experience in chemical engineering and geomechanics provides him with a broad knowledge which he effectively applies to in-situ stress, permeability, gas content and desorption analysis and reporting.

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Ratheesh Keloth – Senior Engineer

BE (Mechanical)

[email protected]

Ratheesh joined Sigra in 2007 as a field engineer. While working at Sigra he completed his BE in mechanical engineering.  Ratheesh was already a toolmaker and this combined experience enables him to be a practical engineer who can design and fabricate testing equipment and also provides leadership in the field. Ratheesh has an excellent understanding of mechanics, fluid systems, instrumentation, drafting and machining.

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Russell Noonan – R&D and Special Operations

Dip (Industrial Arts)

[email protected]

After 31 years of teaching agricultural engineering as an advanced skills teacher, Russ moved to Sigra in 2006. Since then, he has led the fabrication of most of Sigra’s proprietary equipment and used and field tested most of it. Russ has the ability to turn ideas for complicated problems into elegant solutions that are both functional and economical. Russ has a complete understanding of mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electronics, rubbers, metals and composites.

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Tatyana Kolesnichenko – Financial Controller

BBus (Ec & Fin), MPAcc

[email protected]

Tatyana initially worked with Sigra doing translation of reports, field work, then marketing, roles she held from 2009 to 2012. After completing Australian qualifications and gaining work experience she re-joined Sigra in 2014 as an accountant. She works closely with the Sigra leadership team to assist them in meeting strategic business objectives. She implements working procedures to increase efficiency and devises company financial strategy and overall cost structures to reduce overheads and position Sigra for growth. She has been a key player in running Sigra’s overseas operations.

Read Tatyana’s CV here