Sigra can supply cyclonic gas-liquid separators that are capable of handling particulate matter in the liquid stream. These are high flow rate, compact, low cost devices that are designed to separate a gas stream that contains a low fraction of liquid and/or a liquid stream that contains a fraction of gas and fines or sand.

While these separators are primarily designed for the coal seam gas market, they can be readily manufactured to handle other gas/liquid streams.

For the coal seam gas applications these cyclonic separators characteristically have two inlets. The upper one is for the gas stream which contains droplets of water, while the lower one is connected to the pump line, which may be expected to produce gas and coal fines. The cyclonic action separates the streams into gas and water. The latter may contain particulate matter (fines/sands).

Within the separator is an axial float that controls a gas valve at the top and a liquid valve at the bottom of the separator. The liquid valve shuts if the liquid level in the separator reaches a low level so as to prevent the loss of gas into the liquid take off. The gas valve is fully open when the liquid valve is shut but if the liquid level in the separator reaches a high level it closes so as to prevent the entry of liquid into the gas line. The constant rotation of the float agitates a stirrer on the main shaft that prevents any particulate matter from settling and blocking the liquid outlet.

Read the detailed cyclonic separator fact sheet here.