Sigra manufactures and supplies a range of products that are used in exploration, drilling and completion, and production. This is augmented by a range of electronics to measure, gather and transmit information from the field.

Sigra sells and in some cases hires out this equipment.


Sigra supplies two items of equipment used in exploration.

The first of these is a core logging system, which enables information to be gathered on the lithology and structure of the core efficiently and then recorded in a database with photographs.

The second is a borehole survey tool that takes several forms. In each case it contains triaxial magnetometers and accelerometers to determine the inclination, azimuth and tool face angle.

Drilling and Completion

Sigra supplies lightweight, compact well control systems for smaller size wells. The standard diameters for the annular BOPs are 101 mm (4”), 128 mm (5”) and 168 mm (6 5/8”). The pressure range is from 7 to 21 MPa (1000 to 3000 psi), depending on the model. With these come chokes, wireline strippers and activation units. The 101 mm unit is frequently used with HQ wireline coring while the 128 mm (5”) units are generally used with PQ coring. The 168 mm (6 5/8”) unit is frequently used in workover applications.

Sigra can also make very high temperature metallic seal well control systems. Sigra supplies and hires out borehole survey tools that take several forms. In each case the tool contains triaxial magnetometers and accelerometers to determine the inclination, azimuth and tool face angle. Sigra manufactures inflatable packers to suit the application. We have made packers for well testing from 100 (4”) to 305 mm (12’) diameter wells. We have also made very long packers (5 m) for water reinjection and small grouting packers for cement or resin injection. One of the packers in our range is an external casing packers to permit casing to be cemented in a well above the packer location. Sigra also has a product that is used to collect fines (sand production) from a well and send it through the pump to surface. This increases the period between workovers.

Production Equipment

Sigra has developed a range of cyclonic separators for the coal seam gas industry, though they could be used for a variety of other gas/liquid/solid separation purposes. These are high efficiency, compact cyclonic separator units that are designed to take gas streams containing liquids, liquid streams containing gas, and particulate matter. The two outlets produce gas and liquid with particulate matter without blockage. The units are designed to ensure that no gas leaves the fluid outlet and no fluid escapes the gas outlet. They handle sand or fines producing wells.

Data Acquistion

Sigra provides the equipment to obtain data from nearly any application in any part of the world. The equipment may be purchased or hired. Sigra frequently supplies this equipment as part of a data acquisition service.


Sigra manufactures and sells a number of sensors for measurement on surface or in the ground.

The prime surface sensors are for flow and pressure measurement.

The sensors supplied for in-ground use measure pressure, stress change, inclination and movement. They are suitable for use in surface or underground applications.