Sigra reports facts, findings and realistic conclusions from the perspective of engineering, science and mathematics. We do not distort the facts.


  • Sigra is an organisation committed to the highest standards in whatever we do.
  • This applies equally to what we measure, how we interpret it, to the advice that we provide, and to the equipment that we build.
  • We are continually on a pathway of research and development that is pushing the boundaries at all times.


  • Sigra is committed to providing accuracy in its measurements and honest interpretations, using appropriate technology for our clients. We will not be corrupted or swayed from this path.
  • We are absolutely clear about our standards, and will not allow them to be compromised, either scientifically or commercially.

Health & safety:

  • We safeguard our people by striving for zero employee injuries. We do not compromise the safety of our people for any reason.
  • Our dedicated workforce has an exceptional track record for achieving productivity in the safest possible manner.


  • We share this planet with other people and life forms and we respect their right to share it with us. Indeed, we appreciate that we depend on them.
  • To this end, we ensure that the impact on the environment is minimised and that any damage is rehabilitated as far as reasonably possible.


  • We operate at all times within the law, with the highest standards of governance.
  • We are careful to note the different legal requirements of the various countries we work in, and to resolve potential conflicts of law before they occur.