Our Services

Sigra provide a wide range of services covering the measurement of rock, soil and ground fluid behaviour. Sigra can tailor these to suit the needs of a specific project. Sigra can supply complete service packages for mine geotechnical exploration, civil site investigations, groundwater studies or shallow gas developments. In some instances, Sigra can proceed to complete the project design.

Sigra has a unique range of tools and techniques which have evolved from the needs of our clients and the industries they represent. This process of evolution continues with the development of in-situ testing, laboratory testing and analytical techniques. We have made significant developments in our rock stress measurement systems: including three dimensional and two dimensional overcoring, hydrofracture, core ovality and borehole breakout analysis. This is backed up by a rock mechanics laboratory where the emphasis is on the measurement of real rock properties rather than simplified tests to follow a generic standard. We think about what we are measuring in the context of how it affects the project in which we are involved so that we can provide information that is relevant.

For ground fluids Sigra has developed several test techniques specifically to fit in with wireline coring operations. These include our drill stem test tools and diagnostic fracture injection system. The concepts for these have been borrowed from the oil and gas industry, enhanced, and made to work in the mining and civil engineering environments as well as in shallow gas exploration. Sigra has also developed techniques to measure ground fluid pressures which enable testable, multiple point pressure measurements in deep holes. These tools and techniques provide measurement of real ground fluid parameters efficiently and reliably.