Many wells produce coal fines or sand during their life. The settlement of these leads to well blockage and the need for costly workovers,  including  removal of the pump and the cleaning out of the well. The lower size fractions of the particles (<0.5 mm range) often contribute  the bulk of the fines being produced. These small particles can frequently be lifted through the pump without damage, especially where PCP pumps are used. Removing the fines from the well with the produced fluid greatly extends the period between workovers.

The Sigra fines remover comprises a downhole unit that entrains the finer particles into the fluid stream, while letting the coarser range that might damage the pump fall to the bottom of the well. For it to be employed successfully it must be sized and adjusted for the particular well in question. The flow rate from the pump must also be adequate to lift the fines in the tubing string. This may require pumping in bursts to lift particles.

Sigra can design and supply fines removal systems to suit individual wells.

The Sigra fines lifter
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