Sigra is a privately owned company founded in 1994. It is based in Brisbane, Australia, and operates globally.

Sigra is involved in all matters to do with the ground. We have an extensive skill base of engineers, geologists, scientists, mathematicians and technicians. This talented group uses sophisticated equipment to gather raw data from the field and laboratory and to process it right through to detailed analysis, modelling and design.

Sigra is a leading edge company in the fields of gas in coal for the Coal mining industry and Coal seam gas (CBM) production

Sigra also has significant experience and capability relevant to coal mining systems, metalliferous mining, shale gas, civil geotechnical works, petroleum reservoir engineering and groundwater

To do this work Sigra has created its own specialist equipment and processes in field test equipment, laboratory test processes, data acquisition services and specialist software.


Sigra designs and manufactures a range of products, from electronic instrumentation such as field data acquisition and control systems, to heavy items such as blow out preventers used in gas drilling operations.

Sigra’s laboratory services include coal seam methane measurements and rock mechanics measurements.


Sigra is an innovative company which has developed a wide range of new equipment and techniques both to service clients and develop new technologies. Approximately 25% of Sigra’s annual budget is expended on research and development, effectively maintaining its position as industry leader. Sigra commenced operations in 1994. Although head office and manufacturing are currently located 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD in Acacia Ridge, our field engineers operate worldwide.

Sigra covers all aspects of field and laboratory testing, monitoring, geology and modelling. Using a wide range of techniques and equipment to measure gas content, permeability and stress, Sigra can evaluate how these will change with production.

Sigra manufactures blow out preventers and external casing packers. Sigra also provide a well design service which includes torque and drag modelling for directional wells.
Sigra supplies well head and reservoir monitoring equipment and separation systems.
Sigra has the capability to determine the need to drain strata of gas from the perspectives of outburst control and ventilation. Sigra employs techniques and equipment to achieve this from either surface or underground. A gas drainage system is then designed using appropriate techniques to ensure a safe and successful implementation.

Sigra measures stress in rocks using a proprietary overcore system, hydrofracturing or borehole breakout techniques. Strata properties are measured and the stress is calculated throughout the entire stratigraphy using tectonic strain theory. The effects of mining are predicted and consequently monitored to ensure safety. Sigra also design and monitor roof support systems and coal pillars. The monitoring is done via remote instrumentation installed underground or from the surface.

Sigra evaluates the effects of mining on groundwater and vice versa.
Mine water drainage or groundwater control systems are designed, including re-injection to maintain and control drawdown using Sigra instrumentation and remote monitoring capability.
Civil Engineering

Sigra’s combination of a detailed knowledge of drilling for drainage and anchoring, its in-house capability to install and maintain pumping, and to grout when necessary, provide a unique and comprehensive service to our clients including:

  • Geotechnical and groundwater engineering
  • Measurement of stress and movement in tunnels
  • Slope drainage
  • Monitoring of excavations or basements.