Guiding Principles

Providing Solutions

Sigra’s guiding principle is to provide the best solutions possible to its clients. This means that the solution must be feasible, sustainable, appropriate and economically sound, within the context of the best environmental and health and safety objectives.

Ensuring a Greater Understanding

We are committed to providing our staff with a comprehensive understanding, so they develop a more holistic view of how their work fits into the bigger picture – in the engineering sense and in serving the client best.

Only by this broader perspective can the organisation progress through its expanding knowledge base. We therefore have a commitment to continuing education within the organisation. We often find this approach means that we educate our clients, and the industries they represent, as well.

Conflicts of Interest

Sigra does not share ownership of leases with its clients and therefore avoids conflicts of interest to do with these.
Sigra owns its own technologies and will advise the client to use them where these are appropriate. It will not do this where other more appropriate technologies exist.


Sigra believes in a diversity of approaches to solve problems. With this comes a belief in the importance of diversity in the backgrounds of our team. We seek those who are trained in different disciplines to solve technical and management issues. Our team also reflects our belief in a diversity of nationalities and cultures thus giving us internal breadth and better global understanding.

Science and Engineering Art Forms

Defining what exists in the ground comes from the application of multiple sciences and knowledge of geology in its greater sense. Understanding the geology is the key to providing a solution to matters related to the ground. Devising solutions to engineering problems is an art form to which there are many possible solutions. Finding the solution that works best depends on the skill of the engineers and the palette of tools they have at their disposal. At Sigra we endeavour to provide the broadest palette of engineering techniques possible, and one that is not restricted by current fashions of industry.

Being prepared to Innovate – Research and Development

Sigra as an organisation is always prepared to engage in research and development of new technologies so as to maintain its leading edge services cost effectively. This development directly benefits our clients.

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