Sigra delivers solutions to our clients in all matters related to the ground. We understand what we are dealing with, and we have the capability to examine and analyse it in detail. To do this we have a multidisciplinary team and a lot of the “geo” built into what we do:

Geology, geophysics, geomechanics, geotechnical, hydrogeology

Associated fields include: reservoir characterisation, rock mechanics, drilling. To do this work requires major capability in other areas, such as all the engineering disciplines: chemical, civil, electronic, mechanical, mining and software. We also have high level of mathematical skills.

We are noted for our capacity to innovate and build what is needed to meet our client’s needs. To do this we have a substantial mechanical and electrical development, and manufacturing capability.
  • We invent things
  • We build things
Sigra’s clients have benefitted greatly from its multidisciplinary approach. Some examples of where we have “crossed disciplines” are:
  • We have applied a detailed knowledge of petroleum reservoir engineering to solving clients’ groundwater needs in the civil, mining, and CBM areas.
  • We can apply geomechanical principles to the failure of a zone surrounding a wellbore in a petroleum reservoir leading to sand production, or to a mine shaft which needs support design. It is the same thing to us – rock stress and strength.
  • We cut through the jargon of the respective industries to solve their problems.
  • We can deal with all matters related to the ground.