Research and Development

Sigra’s success has always hinged on its preparedness to innovate and develop, both for its own internal purposes and on occasions to get a client out of trouble. Many of our designs and methods are protected by patent, some are simply published while several are just used internally and not disclosed. Some of our notable developments are:

  • IST overcore stress measurement tool
  • The tectonic strain approach in understanding stress regimes
  • Stress change cells
  • Stress path analysis for reservoirs
  • Hydrofracturing systems
  • Cyclical uniaxial testing systems to determine secant, tangent and unloading moduli
  • Triaxial testing processes to determine the moduli of rock fragments
  • Shrinkage test systems to determine the changing strain of desorbing coals
  • Isotherm test equipment
  • Native isotherm determination
  • Packers
  • External casing packers
  • Blow out preventers
  • Pressure relief chokes for well control
  • Sluiced hydraulic longwall mining systems
  • Drainage/production systems using out of reservoir drilling and hydrofracture
  • Stiff string torque and drag numerical models
  • Well test analysis software
  • Drill stem test systems
  • Wireline formation testing tools
  • Pulsed DST testing for directional permeability
  • Core gas desorption measurement using automated flow meters
  • Gas content without coring system to measure gas of virtually any formation during the drilling of an open hole
  • Cementing/grouting systems
  • Reservoir monitoring using cemented transducers with connectivity to the reservoir ensured by cement displacement
  • Cyclonic action gas water separators
  • Field data loggers

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