Sigra prides itself on innovation – we are inventors.

Sigra provides a chain of measurement, analysis and design to deliver engineering solutions
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Who We Are

What is Sigra?

Sigra is a privately owned company founded in 1994. It is based in Brisbane, Australia, and operates globally. Sigra is involved in all matters to do with the ground.

What We Offer

Our Range of Products

Sigra manufactures and supplies a range of products that are used in exploration, drilling and completion, and production. This is augmented by a range of electronics to measure, gather and transmit information from the field.

Sigra sells and in some cases hires out this equipment.

Data Acquisition Systems
Exploration Equipment
Drilling Equipment


Did You Know

Total Solutions

For over 25 years, Sigra has found solutions to problems associated with the ground in the fields of mining, civil and petroleum engineering. Sigra’s wide range of unique equipment and techniques are able to solve difficult problems which cannot be solved using conventional methods. Clients across disciplines as diverse as major mining and petroleum companies, public transport and power groups have benefitted from Sigra’s multi-disciplinary approach and ability to conceive and physically build solutions.

What We Provide

Our Services

Sigra provides a wide range of services covering the measurement of rock, soil and ground fluid behaviour. Sigra can tailor these to suit the needs of a specific project.

About Us

Guiding Principles

Sigra’s guiding principle is to provide the best solutions possible to its clients. The solution must be feasible, sustainable, appropriate and economically sound.


What our clients say

Pleasure to be a part of the highly skilled professional team, knowing that your job helps to improve and develop the whole industry.
Paul Koles
Very friendly hard working staff
Generous & supportive
Boss gives reasonable pay for reasonable days work…
Laurel Nooyen
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