Drilling and Completion

Sigra provides a suite of consulting services for drilling and completion design that includes directional holes.

It also provides a cementing service. While this is used principally to install Sigra’s transducers in boreholes it may also be used to cement casing.

Drilling Mud Rheology

Sigra has a large size rotational viscosimeter which behaves in a hydraulically similar manner to the typical small units.

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Drilling Mud Design

Sigra has a computer simulator that models the absolute pressure in a borehole along its length due to fluid flow.

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Borehole Fluid Mechanics and Mud Design

It is important to achieve the correct hole cleaning, to reduce friction and to minimise formation damage (permeability loss around the borehole).

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Well Control Procedures

Sigra manufactures, sells and uses its own annular blow out preventers in coal mining and coal seam gas applications.

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Hydrofracture Design

Sigra designs hydrofracture systems for the purpose of stimulating flow from tight formations, including coal seams and other tight reservoirs.

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Cementing — Grouting

Sigra have their own cementing equipment which is regularly used for transducer installation in boreholes and may be used to cement casing in place.

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