Mine Design

More Than Just Coal Mine Design

Sigra undertakes coal mine design. The company’s work extends from resource evaluation, through the determination of geotechnical, gas and hydrogeological issues to conceptual mine design. During these phases of work Sigra has the capability to undertake all the necessary field and some of the laboratory testing to enable the evaluation to take place. Sigra can then undertake mine design including bord and pillar, longwall and other innovative designs such as its own patented hydraulic sluiced longwall mining method.

This design work includes mine layout, gas drainage, rock support and ventilation. Detailed mechanical and electrical design is undertaken through specialist consultants.

Sigra has designed a deep, multi-seam longwall mine in a gassy environment using such innovative approaches as:

  • The development of the main headings in rock using a tunnel boring machine
  • The use of hydraulic fracturing from out of seam, for gas drainage
  • In-mine reticulation of hydraulic fracture fluids
  • The use of mining an adjacent seam to achieve relaxation and gas drainage. While this is common in other countries it is uncommon in the Australian mining context.

Metalliferous Mine Design

Sigra also works in metalliferous mine design projects,usually providing specialist expertise in the fields of geomechanics, groundwater, drilling and hydraulic fracturing to assist block caving. Its staff are familiar with the various mining systems used in the hard rock mining industry.

Mining Systems

Sigra’s staff are well versed in the usual coal mining techniques of bord and pillar development, wongawilli extraction and longwall extraction.

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Outburst Control

Outbursts are a failure of coal and associated material that is accompanied by significant energy and gas release. They are dangerous in the underground environment because they are unexpected events that are sudden, and may kill or injure by mechanical force or asphyxiation.

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Mine Ventilation

Sigra can undertake the creation of three dimensional ventilation models from scratch, and evaluation of ventilation requirements (including fans and refrigeration) for various critical stages of mine development.

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