Sigra Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation and Pushing Boundaries

April marks Sigra’s 25th year of continued operation throughout Australia and across the globe.

On April 1st 1994, Dr. Ian Gray founded Sigra as a one-man engineering consultancy. 25 Years on, Dr. Gray continues to lead the company which has grown into a multifaceted, well trusted organisation with offices in Australia and South Africa that service a range of different industry sectors.

Sigra has spent 25 years pushing boundaries with innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges. At Sigra, the bar is set high; we look beyond conventional approaches when they aren’t satisfactory and approach problems with bespoke engineering solutions. We design, build and operate equipment and systems which allow us to do so. This is as true today as it was 25 years ago.

Diversity has always been essential to the success of Sigra as well. With staff backgrounds and experience spanning across engineering disciplines, trades, laboratory specializations, mathematicians and computer programmers. The multi-skilled and lateral organisational structure is a major factor in the success and applicability of Sigra to so many industries.

The whole team has grown and learnt so much over the years and looks forward to spearheading the range of new projects to come in a modern era

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