Sigra Visits Melbourne for the ATS Short Course and Presents at AusRock 2018 in Sydney

In November two of our Sigra engineers attended the three day short course in tunnel design and construction held by the Australian Tunnelling Society. The short course gave a fantastic overview of tunnel design and construction and attracted a plethora of engineers, suppliers and students from across the industry. The mix of delegates resulted a range of learning and networking opportunities across all three days.

The overall sentiment throughout the course was one of optimism knowing that the tunnel industry in Australia is only really just beginning to take root. Sigra sees itself as an essential service provider to the tunnel industry and has worked on all major tunnel projects on the east coast over the past ten years. While Sigra offers field testing services for the tunnel industry in the way of in-situ stress testing, Sigra sees a vast potential to apply its specialist geotechnical innovation and experience.

Sigra has also attended AusRock 2018 in Sydney where Managing Director and Principal Engineer Dr. Ian Gray has presented a substantial paper at the event. The booth at the event has seen a great deal of foot traffic and has proven to be a great way to meet and mingle with various other experts. Sigra has found that presenting at conferences and symposiums such as AusRock 2018 has proven to be the most effective way for Sigra to engage with current and potential clients and would like to thank everyone who stopped by the booth for a chat.

Author: Ian Gray
Ian initially worked in Australia supervising the installation of the first gas drainage system at Central Colliery and then went on to work as Senior Geotechnical engineer building a mining wing to the consulting company DJ Douglas and Partners. In 1990 he became Principal Engineer, Mining Research with the Safety In Mines Testing and Resarch Station of the Department of Resource Industries of the Queensland Government. In this role he worked on frictional ignitions, mine explosions, windblasts, gas drainage and directional drilling including the first surface to in-seam operation in the country in 1991. In 1994 he started Sigra as a one man business. Since then the company has grown under his guidance to span mining, gas, civil, geotechnical work and a number of mechanical and electronic product developments.

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